Translation and Localization

With our vast experience in the translation industry, i3 World Translations provides highly specialized translations in over 50 languages and for about 30 industries. Whether it's a catalogue, leaflet, brochure, marketing material, website, legal document, or email, our linguists have the necessary expertise and years of experience to translate your industry-specific jargon clearly and accurately to your target language market which helps to you to succeed.

Our Translation services Includes a variety of best language services customized to your business needs. Our expert project managers use a variety of language technology tools and proven localization processes to ensure quality at your satisfaction.

Our Price is based on the source text, leveraging any translation memory prior to commencing translation work. You know what you're paying for before we begin no hidden costs and no unexpected surprises!

We offer a flexible array of translation and localization services in every modern commercial language. Our business model additionally affords the ability to enhance our language and service capabilities as client needs and technology requirements evolve. The most commonly requested languages include:

  •   French, Italian, German, Spanish (FIGS), and other major European languages
  •   Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK)
  •   Languages of Southeast Asia
  •   Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  •   Languages of India.

Most of our linguistic resources are based in their home countries where they keep in touch with how languages are used. Our database of linguists spans a wide range of subject matter areas and is constantly evolving as we take on a wider range of work. Linguists are segregated in our roster by their experience, subject knowledge, use of tools etc. so that we can apply resources matching the demands of each project.

i3 World maintains a full-time resource management team tasked solely with the identification, testing, and management of translators. Our rigorous evaluation program includes a triple-screening system based on subject-area specific tests covering each element of the translation process. The pass rate for this process averages under 8%, or even lower for certain technical or medical subject areas.

i3 World welcomes client involvement in linguist recruitment and selection by providing sample content to evaluate linguists on and also reviewing and selecting the best candidates, clients can have an active role in building the most appropriate linguistic team.