Staff Augmentation

Finding the appropriate talent at the right time is tough, especially if you don't have the right recruitment agency to back you up, then think of i3 World as a one-stop solution.

Put your time and efforts where they're recognized. Choose the pricing that suits your requirements. Get an exclusive HR solution and dedicated manager for every campaign you launch. Gain freshly created career pages, automatically scheduled interviews, and an applicant tracking system meant just to keep you informed about all the candidates of your interest.

i3 World firmly believes that collaboration is the key to winning the top talent in any niche. With a customized, end to end recruitment solutions designed to adapt as per your requirements, we have one motive- to help you filter, locate, and recruit the most suitable candidate. We help our clients in getting the desired candidates. We have a large and dedicated in-house database of professionals who are working in the different companies.

We also have the subscription of some of the most used job portals that can help us get a large number of candidates. Nowadays, leveraging the potential of social media is a good potential for employees. You can judge the person's professional standing and it becomes easier to recruit him.