MRO Design Support

The objective of i3 world Engineering department is to provide the Design and documentation support to airline-affiliated MRO companies, this means that for any modification or repair or maintenance of aircraft within the organization as and when they need design and supplemental document support. We have such capabilities to take care of all engineering and documentation support to them.

Due to the cost inflation "The position of a truly independent MRO is going to be very difficult in coming days. "All of the independent MROs have challenging times even today, and those times are going to become more challenging going forward in future.

There will be more limitation on the number of shops to support the engines and there will be strict restrictions on the number of partners who will have access to the IP to deal with components. In such conditions, they need to take support from their reliable partners like i3 World

In aerospace and defense industry, the MRO business is growing at a rapid clip. The increasing complexity of the industry has risen at the same time that budgets have been slashed, the supply of skilled technicians, engineers and specialists have dwindled and government sequesters have created an atmosphere of unprecedented uncertainty. The need for a comprehensive MRO software solution is greater than ever.

Hence i3 World can support to MRO customers for Engineering Design, Technical Publication, Stress Analysis, and Software development and testing that includes verification and Validation. i3 World does have expertise in DO-178, Do-160, DO-254 and similar kind of expertise within the team.