Due to rise in costs and mounting margin pressures, manufacturing design and mechanical design companies are expanding to optimize their product engineering and R&D services, shorten product development timelines and gain early advantage.We understand the importance of innovating to provide a competitive edge and customizing existing products within minimized time-frames.

We offer advanced mechanical engineering solutions as well as mechanical engineering design services to mechanical design engineering companies across multiple industries. These mechanical engineering services facilitate complex mechanical designs and products development; reduce time-to-market, and B2B market penetration for a mechanical design company.

We are a one-stop solutions provider with capabilities throughout the product development lifecycle, ranging from conceptual design to manufacturing. We have extensive experience in the implementation, maintenance, and customization of PDM and PLM tools for mechanical engineering design companies.

Our design services include:
  •   Mechanical Engineering Design
  •   Conceptual Component Design
  •   System Design
  •   Packaging and Feasibility
  •   Full-vehicle Systems
  •   Plastics & Composite Design
  •   Reverse Engineering
  •   Fabrication or Detailed Drawing
  •   Legacy data conversion, 2d to 3d conversion
  •   Parametric Part modeling
  •   CAD customization
  •   Detailed Design
  •   3D Solid and Surface Modeling
  •   Plant layout Engineering
  •   Plant Simulation study with WATIF Analysis
  •   Material Handling solutions and Layout engineering
  • BIW Fixture Design:
    •   Machining Fixtures
    •   Welding Fixtures
    •   Testing Fixtures
    •   Production Fixtures
    •   Special Purpose Fixtures
    •   Sand Casting Fixtures
    •   Injection Mould Related Fixtures


I3 engineers can simulate and optimize designs using software's like Nastran, LsDyna &hyper mess works. This allows time for other departments in your manufacturing plant to provide their feedback before production takes place, saving time and cost in the manufacturing process. Our multidisciplinary design optimization ensures collaboration between teams to produce concurrent engineering solutions and integrate them through workflow process integration.

In CAE, we create precise finite element models, analyze them for different load conditions and study physical responses such as displacement, strain and stresses. The aim is to design products that perform better in the real world.

In CAE simulation, our team has the competency to do
  •   Finite Element Modeling
  •   Finite Element Analysis
  •   Dynamic Analysis
  •   Fatigue Analysis
  •   Crash Analysis
  •   Design Optimization
  •   Composite Material Analysis
  •   NVH
  •   Multi Physics CAE Analysis
  •   Thermal Analysis
  •   Mold Flow Analysis

Our of our core strengthis modeling and CAE Simulation of automotive BIW's, Engine and Transmission components, seating systems, Trim parts, Instrument panels, Consoles and closure components like door, hood, tailgate etc.

We offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to solve various analyses related challenges faced by industries during the product development. Our Approach to problem solving is unique, that starts with proper understanding of physics of the problem and preparing a right solution strategy. Benchmarking with available analytical or experimental data, validation of results are indispensable part of CFD simulation process. We are committed to provide accurate and reliable results.

Our CFD expertise offers the below mentioned support:
  •   Meshing for CFD Application
  •   Internal as well as External Flow
  •   Steady as well as Transient flow
  •   Computational Aero Acoustics
  •   HVAC
  •   Electronic component Cooling
  •   Combustion Simulation
  •   Rotary Machinery
  •   Multi-physics analysis
  •   Fluid Structure interaction
  •   Irrotational to swirling flows involving vorticity